ScanTheSun software is an innovative approach to the design of cost- and energy- efficient solar installations and a tool for their sale by manufacturers and installers. It is an intuitive application for the non-specialist, performing instant online installation design with an energy yield forecast.
The innovation is based on the use of sensors present in smartphones and AR (Augmented Reality) to relieve the user from having to enter technical data. Its aim is to reduce the time taken to design and forecast the energy yield of solar devices.

ScanTheSun generates a standard installation (panels in the roof plane) and an effective installation (panels tilted relative to the roof) in one minute.

  1. precise design of a standard installation - in 1 minute,
  2. precise design of an effective installation - in 1 minute,
  3. no need for qualified personnel,
  4. no need to visit the roof and take measurements,
  5. takes into account shading in the form of trees, chimneys, neighboring buildings and greenery,
  6. design for more complex architecture in up to 5 minutes,
  7. immediate online report with a personalized password.
The application generates the best positioning parameters for PV panels by processing a number of variables such as:
  1. the amount of solar energy reaching the solar modules between obstacles (trees, neighboring buildings, etc.) on an hourly basis, day by day / month by month throughout the year,
  2. both direct and diffuse solar energy according to insolation satellite data,
  3. site obstacles causing shading (e.g. surrounding greenery, other properties, etc.),
  4. terrain (installations on slopes, in valleys, etc.),
  5. statistical data on local weather conditions, degree of cloud cover,
  6. building mass (roof surface geometry, building elements causing shading, areas of the building surface with the greatest insolation, shaded parts),
  7. efficiency and optical properties of the solar modules used.
The report is generated on the client's website with a secure access code.

The report includes:
  1. easy-to-understand graphs of energy yield and performance evaluation of the entire installation,
  2. comprehensive parameters: best azimuth and tilt angle of PV panels taking into account terrain, surroundings, shaded areas and weather conditions.